Ben Schiffler


Ben Schiffler is a Game Designer, Layout Artist, Computer Scientist, and Storyteller based out of the Seattle area. This design portfolio documents several projects he has created over the past few years.



I’m Ben Schiffler, a Game Designer on Amazon's Special Projects team, where I started in January 2017. In addition to Game Design, I'm also a Interaction Designer, Software Developer, and Storyteller. I'm the first ever Double Major in the University of Washington’s rigorous Computer Science and Interaction Design programs where I graduated in the Spring of 2016. I’ve been creating art and programming since high school, and I love exploring the places where art and technology overlap; whether that’s VR/AR, 3D Animation, Games, Graphics Programming, 3D Printing, Visual Effects, and things that don't event have a name yet.

I love stories, and love to make them in any form I can. I write the online comic Pretzel 2 Meet U (which you can read at this link on Tapastic!), with a new page coming out each Monday at noon. I write young adult science fiction and fantasy, was an editor for the University of Washington’s Student Scifi and Fantasy Journal, and love to run roleplaying games. I spend my spare time illustrating maps, hosting VR Game Jams, and starting narrative projects with friends.

I've worked solo, in design teams, in industry, and on three animated shorts with the UW Animation Research Labs. I would love to meet and talk with you! If you would like to chat about anything or everything, please contact me at my email or via social media at any of the links below.