Ben Schiffler


Ben Schiffler is a Game Designer, Layout Artist, Computer Scientist, and Storyteller based out of the Seattle area. This design portfolio documents several projects he has created over the past few years.

Detective corgi

Detective Corgi is an animated choose-your-own-adventure website built in twine. Imagine if Nancy Drew was an ice-cream eating corgi in a haunted mansion… and make it chock-full of hand drawn animated gifs!

It is the third project made by Broom Cupboard Studios, the independent studio residency I created, directed and funded over 2018-2019. I wrote the story outline, designed the overarching narrative, and then divided the game into seven chunks so each one of us would own an overarching “scene” for both animation and writing out text!

Detective Corgi was also recommended by in a lovely writeup on their blog. <3

Benjamin Schiffler, Studio Lead
Amanda Zorianna Cook, Project Lead
Erin Caswell
Theodore Chin
Mikey Wong
Zixing Guo
Amanda Nelson

1 Month

Twine Dev | Narrative Design | Story Outline | Choice Maps | Writing | Animation

Twine | Photoshop | Adobe Animate

Play the Game | Watch an absolutely adorable lets play of it that makes me very happy | Read a lovely writeup by the folks at