Ben Schiffler


Ben Schiffler is a Game Designer, Layout Artist, Computer Scientist, and Storyteller based out of the Seattle area. This design portfolio documents several projects he has created over the past few years.


Downskilling is a fast, skill-based multiplayer game made by Ben Schiffler and Theodore Chin. You play as one of a pair of battling acorns on a stage speeding down an avalanche, trying to knock the other acorns off the screen using time-slowing grenades shot from your trusty grenade launcher. Downskilling was built in 24 hours as part of the UW's Dubhacks Hackathon. 

You can try out the game with a friend online at! This version of the game is built for Mac OSX, and requires two synced Xbox 360 Controllers to play. (The game can run on a windows machine, but the inputs from your game controller will be all switched around.) 

Theodore Chin, Lead Developer
Benjamin Schiffler, Lead Designer

24 Hours

Dubhacks Fall 2014

Design | Art | Typography | Code

Unity | Photoshop

Play the Game | Vimeo Gameplay Trailer