Ben Schiffler


Ben Schiffler is a Game Designer, Layout Artist, Computer Scientist, and Storyteller based out of the Seattle area. This design portfolio documents several projects he has created over the past few years.

feathers and teeth


Feathers and Teeth was a wildly complicated and unique collaboration between Broom Cupboard Studios (the independent studio residency I created, directed and funded over 2018-2019), and Washington Ensemble Theatre.

I directed Broom Cupboard Studios and was project lead for this ambitious project, where we were tasked with creating a wide array of animated files to be projected into the window of the set, as well as onto the 3D space to warp and twist the geometric of the set in horrifying and unexpected ways.

We used a total of 8 different projectors to cover the entirety of each wall, the floor, the presidium, and then rear-projected the narrative pieces and backyard stills onto the “window”.

The majority of my time was spent directing and leading the project. However, I also did contribute 2D animation and story-boarding work below!

Benjamin Schiffler, Project Lead
Erin Caswell
Amanda Cook
Amanda Nelson
Theo Chin
Xing Guo
Mikey Wong

3 Months

Studio Lead | Project Lead | Animation and Projection Design | Storyboarding | 2D Art

Photoshop | Procreate | After Effects | Premiere | MadMapper

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