Ben Schiffler


Ben Schiffler is a Game Designer, Layout Artist, Computer Scientist, and Storyteller based out of the Seattle area. This design portfolio documents several projects he has created over the past few years.

We Are Fantastic architects

We Are Fantastic Architects: The Were Glitch Project is a pixel-art RPG about four architects building a castle in the sky for their mysterious client, the Witch. Little do they know they've been at this job for longer than it seems…

Check out this let’s play by Cryptic Hybrid of the We Are Fantastic Architects demo!

We Are Fantastic Architects: The Were Glitch Project (WAFA) is a project created over two 3-month periods by Broom Cupboard Studios, the independent studio residency I created, directed and funded over 2018-2019. The premise of the game is based off of a cartoon series pitch that I initially created with Xing back in 2016, and Xing pitched that we create a game out of it as a Broom Cupboard project!

Play the demo of the game online here:

Benjamin Schiffler, Narrative Lead & Studio Director
Xing Guo, Project Lead
Theo Chin
Erin Caswell
Amanda Cook
Amanda Nelson

6 Months

Narrative Design | Studio Director | Writing | Dialogue Implementation | Code | Pixel Art and Animation

Unity | Photoshop | Google Docs | Dialogue System

Play the Demo | Watch a Let’s Play